Repair Request Full List

12/19/19Complete Requestsyormiston@yahoo.com758 Spyglass Hilllight bulb burnout, stairway going down,Yvonne Ormiston616-377-7447Light bulb that illuminates the stairway going down to lower apt. and my storage room. I am at 758.12/19/2019Light bulb replaced after three years (dated 10/16) of use. Thanks for letting us know!
11/4/19Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass Hillphoto eyes at entry to bldgs. 7 &8Tony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221photo eyes for the entry lights on both entrances for building #8 and the west most entry for bldg. #7 do not work.11/06/2019Checked both of them out! Tweaked both of the adjustments on each of them. Building 7 turned on immediately with motion with the darker day, while Building 8 did so after the lens was removed and cleaned. It had some green moss built up inside blocking the sensitivity of motion. Each one of them were also adjusted "up" so to detect motion at a greater distance. Should fix both issues. Will close repair request.
10/16/19Complete Requestsbultmanm@hope.edu741 Spyglass HillResponse to Efforts on Outside Front Door to BuildingJim & Martie Bultman6167869246There is no question the door is much improved in both appearance and ability to lock. For this we are grateful, however the door still does not fit tightly and has a lot of wiggle which prevents a tight closure. Can this be addressed?10/30/2019Thanks for your response! We looked at it again and did some "tweaking" to the door, hardware, door frame and seals and it works much better. I hope you agree that it functions much better!
10/6/19Complete Requestsbultmanm@hope.edu741 Spyglass HillFront DoorJim & Martie Bultman6167869246Our front door has not been able to be secured ever since the new hardware was installed now several weeks ago. We have been patient thinking that certainly this problem was known at the time of new hardware installation. Quite frankly our front door has been an embarrassment ever since we moved in 31 years ago. It appears as if someone tried to pry the door open. It now must be repaired or replaced ASAP.10/10/2019After a few days between two guys working on rebuilding, sanding and painting, we hope the front door meets your expectations as well as any guests that your may have! We plan on categorizing this work request as "complete" unless you feel more work needs to be completed? Thanks for your patience!
9/27/19Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass Hillcommon entry lights not workingTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221motion detector not recognizing movement11/06/2019Ditto to a newer request that was completed. Repair request closed.
9/21/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass Hillscreens, a sink, etc. in the closet where the water turn on and off is located.Betty Kreiter269-964-0729My daughter, Cindy, said she had to take the things out of the closet to get in it to turn off the water, but when I came over later, my friend discovered the water was turned back on. He turned it off before we left. I don't think that is a storage area..10/09/2019Talking to your neighbors, one of them had some kitchen counter work completed. They temporarily stored their kitchen accessories in the water meter closet. It must have been one of the few days that your neighbor had work done. It was explained to them that the closet is a common area for all three unit owners that share the hallway. They understood. The last I checked, there is a straight, clear path directly to the meters. Thanks for the heads up!
9/16/19Complete Requestsvanderdj@yahoo.com765 Spyglass Hillsprinklers not working since JulyDavid Vander Kam6163998433Sprinkler system has not worked since July. We have had to hand water the plants so that they would not die. Can it please be fixed asap.10/11/2019Sprinkler system has been shut off for the season and winterization (blown out) will occur within the next couple weeks. One part of the spring sprinkling start-up process steps is to make sure all sprinklers and electric valves are functioning properly. This is an "automatic step" when starting up the system, therefore this repair request will be considered "complete!" By the way, the Association does not take responsibility of watering plants and/ or flowers planted in pots or in the designated "owner" areas along the garage. If the owner decides to have plants in those areas, they take on the responsibility of watering and fertilizing.
9/12/19Open Requestsjjdek@aol.com735 Sea WatchPaint roof vent pipesJim & Barb DeKruyter2692070671On SeaWatch dr. none of the vent pipes are painted like they are on the other two levels. It would look date setYep... you are correct! Pipes were painted on the middle and upper tiers many years ago. The person that completed the original painting has moved onto a different position (outside of Spyglass.) They did look better, however, with the wind and blowing sands, all the vent pipes on those two tiers need paint again. Painting can only occur on a dry, warm and very calm day (any amount of wind comes over the ridge vent and blows the spray paint everywhere!) Therefore, the only time of the year to complete is the middle of the summer. Additionally, it is also Spyglass procedure not to allow "summer help" to be on the roof for safety and liability concerns. We will keep this repair request "open" but would considered an "improvement".
9/12/19Complete Requestsjjdek@aol.com735 Sea WatchWeeds in Pine TreesJim & Barb DeKruyter2692070671Across from building #2 there are two large weeds (6 feet tall) in two of the pine trees.10/04/2019Vines have been removed from trees in the hill
8/24/19Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillToy box at the pool needs repairTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221frame rails broken, exposed screws08/24/2019Numerous stainless steel screws driven from the frame backside into the sturdier plastic. Should hold for "a while!"
8/24/19Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillSiren operated gate control inoperableTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221The siren operated gate control is not date setTalked to Van't Hof Door and Operator concerning the "Yelp" siren. They mentioned they currently install a "keyed" opener (Knox 3502) that the fire departments use, however, they recommend calling local Township fire Chief. Currently have a call into the Chief, waiting for a reply. Will also pursue with County 911 what they recommend. Van't Hof came out for a service call. Talking to the technician, the manufacturer that makes the "Yelp" detector has a "rejection" rate of almost 50%. (They send back that many to the manufacturer fo replacement.) He ordered us a new one and once received, will replace with current one and will retest. Meanwhile, the "detector" does pick up "other" sounds including the "Yelp" sound. Will close once new part is installed and working.
8/15/19Complete Requeststhelmavenema@comcast.netPO Box 435Additional info -Pic of well landscapingThelma Venema2198081477Unsightly landscaping, not maintained.10/15/2019Area has been cleaned up. For 2020, landscaping will be maintained by a "outside" landscape container. It should significantly help the appearance of the landscaping at Spyglass throughout the growing season.
8/15/19Complete Requeststhelmavenema@comcast.netPO Box 435Rotted board on walkway leading off lower deck.Thelma Venema2198081477Rotted board.10/04/2019There were many planks that were "questionable" along the lakeside boardwalk of buildings 1 and 2. Approximately thirty planks were "questionable," were removed and replaced. Thanks for the heads up! Download
7/31/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillBroken storm doorBetty Kreiter269-964-0728The storm door leading to the deck got blown into the railing and is broken and needs to be replaced.07/31/2019The storm door installation was installed and paid for by the unit owner a few years ago. Therefore it is the responsibility of the unit owner to repair and or replace. Therefore this request is not part of the Association responsibility. Please contact Ron for more info. This request is now closed.
7/30/19Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass Hillwesternmost landscape light at entry gate is outTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221in ground light is outno date set7/30 - the bulb is not functioning properly. Additionally, with the bulb and fixture located in a concrete, square, fireplace flue section, the bulb is unable to be twisted out of the socket. The whole flue section will need to be dug up and removed to gain access to the bulb/socket/fixture. Will pursue once other "higher priority" projects will be completed. Note: tested the circuit for electricity (as well as other bulbs), it tested fine!
7/22/19Complete Requestsjjdek@aol.com735 Sea WatchWhite fense is poorly constructed about window wellJim & Barb DeKruyter2692070671It looks like someone forgot to finish constructing the white plastic fence around window well.09/13/2019The fence has been replaced by a "professional " fence installer! Thanks for your patience!
7/22/19Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 SPYGLASS HLpool men's roomJohn DeMott6167960337I notice that the urinal in the men's bathroom at the pool in "running" continually. Has been for some time now.07/25/2019The urinal was completely disassembled. It was determined that a new cartridge should be pursued. The current one most of the seals were worn out. New cartridge installed! Repair request: closed
7/18/19Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillStreet Light Replacement RequestDave Shellenbarger6163998664Our streetlights are in bad shape and need to be replaced with "dark sky" downward reflecting fixtures to provide more effective night time lighting and to improve the appearance of our public areas. The appearance and "curb appeal" of Spyglass is diminished by the worn out, deteriorated condition of the old fixtures and replacement of these very visible necessities of our community is long date setThe current lights are pointed "downward." The top of the light fixture deflects the light downward. As you move closer to the lamp, the brighter the light. Some of the lights are "defected" or blocked away from buildings (decks) so to allow "starry" skies to be more visible. It also prevents light from shining into residents bedroom windows. Also, with an LED bulb they are also very energy efficient! However, your idea will be passed onto the Board for discussion!
7/18/19Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillCondition of Residence Entry DoorsDave Shellenbarger6163998664Our front entry door hardware (shared with Wagners) was replaced with new latch and lock this winter. Our door and door frame were damaged before we moved in (15 years ago) and need to be replaced, and now we have new latch and lock in a damaged and un-presentable door. Further the new hardware doesn't cover the imprint of the old hardware, further detracting from our guests' first impression when they visit our residence. We need to set that bar higher on what is "ok".no date setWe are in the process of painting all of the common doors with a durable white epoxy paint. Yours should be completed within the next week!
7/18/19Complete Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillRemote Control Signal at Front GateDave Shellenbarger6163998664Our cars and garage door control have opened the entry gate from a 30-50 distance since we've owned here - 15 years. This year none of our remotes work until we are nosed into the gate, and twice Kathie's car transmitter has not been detected and she's needed to get out of the car to use the ten key pad. This has occurred in the past and has been corrected each time.07/31/2019With some adjusting of the receiver location (located in guard both) earlier today and playing with an exterior antenna (receiver) extension, the operating distance to open the gate has significantly improved. The gate operators (remote or programmed in visor / rear view mirror) should work much better from a distance. Let me know what you experience? Update: 7/31/19 - after talking to several residents concerning the distance "to open" …….most replied it improved drastically! Request closed
7/15/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillGuest bedroom upstairs east side window leakageBetty Kreiter269-964-0729window leaked on wood work and carpet damage. In same room where the small closet door is damaged along with daughter's pillows etc. that she had stored there.07/24/20197/24/19 - Gained access to unit to review window and review for repair. Both adjacent windows were completely closed. Looks like the window was slightly open until someone added a hook to pull it closed. Please have your guests notify the Association of any issues including closing of windows prior to additional issues that could arise! Both windows were "repaired" by lifting up the sash in order to allow for the sash to clear the sill when closing. Both windows now function great when opening and closing them. Request closed.
7/3/19Complete Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillEntrance Door Lock FailureDave Shellenbarger6163998664The lock set seems to operate opposite of normal installation, and further it rotates in its housing and, when it's turned from its home location and will not unlock the door. We were in Lansing yesterday and when we returned, the key mechanism was turned from its "6 o'clock position" and would not allow the door to be unlocked with the key. Despite heavy pressure I can't return the lock to its home position. Clearly this hardware was not meant to be installed in this door, or it was installed incorrectly. 07/03/2019Key lock set screw was loose. Confirmed the lock set was straight and in the proper position then tighten the set screw.Download
6/24/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillI need to talk to you, Ron, about the door.Betty Kreiter269-964-0729I went to Lowe's and they gave me Pella's customer service number, while I was in the store, I saw a door with a self-storing screen; it was full length glass with a narrow metal strip half-way. This door was appealing to me because I wouldn't have to put the screen in and the glass later. Would this be all right? I also found out the C means custom and that means money.07/03/2019Please refer to other request comments. Door repair / replacement is responsibility of resident
6/24/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillWhen was the roof re-done?Betty Kreiter269-964-0729Hi Ron, I think we paid our share for a new roof years ago, so the attic leak should not have happened. I did not realize how bad it was and what damaged it caused for my daughter's things.07/31/2019Similar to another request.....will close this request and keep the other one "open" until the repair is completed.
6/23/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillDid you get my repair request?Betty Kreiter269-964-0729Bad long term water leakage in the upstairs bedroom windows and closet. I sent an earlier request but it didn't go through because I didn't put a date in? The date is June /23/19 just like it date setSimilar to another request that was submitted. Will close this request and keep the other one open until complete!
6/20/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass Hillstorm doorBetty Kreiter269-964-0729I need to replace my storm door to the deck. I need the registration number of the frame, so I can replace it; I have the unbroken glass and screen and Lowe's said with the registration number I can buy only the frame. I also have questions about why it was put on the way it was; I know there was a reason, but I cannot remember it now.07/03/2019The storm door was purchased by the unit owner. The maintenance (or replacement) of the storm door is the responsibility of the unit owner. Request closed
6/19/19Open Requestsrptenbarge7470@att.net721 Sea WatchLeaking Master B /R Slider. Prep and paint deck railingRich & Pat TenBarge616-560-2375Master B/ R Slider has water and snow infiltration. Needs new gasket. We are installing wood shutters in our master b/r Aug 1st and we would like the work completed by then. Deck railing needs prep and paint along with some of the white wood trim on our building. 3A is not due for a complete paint job for 3 more years. no date set
6/17/19Complete Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillNew storm door hinged in wrong side. Please have it rehung.Lori Hyde214-616-2234Since this door was ordered by the association it is the associations responsibility to have it installed properly06/17/2019With the high winds that come through between your building and the adjacent building, especially in the winter, the door would have a tendency to "swing open" if the door was installed with the hinges on the right side. With the hinges on the left side, the door would have a tendency to stay closed. Your door wasn't the only door installed "incorrectly", other storm doors have also been installed with the wind in mind!
6/10/19Complete Requestsyormiston@yahoo.com758 Spyglass HillMy light in entrance hall to outside is burned out.Yvonne Ormiston616 -377-7447It lights my way into garage at night...this is the second request for this repair.06/20/2019Bulb replaced. Also, if you could remember to turn off outside (garage) lights after guests arrive (and leave) it would be very much appreciated! Thanks
5/30/19Complete Requestsjjdek@aol.com735 Sea WatchWeeds in dune grassJim & Barb DeKruyter269-207-0671Lake side in front of 735 Seawatch has several large weeds in the dune grass. Also some weeds along side of 735 Seawatch07/03/2019It is an ongoing project on lakeside of deck. At one point, some type of flowering plant has spread in the area (possible from one of the decks.) It's a project that continues through out the summer.
5/28/19Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass Hillstorm door out to the deck was caught by the wind and bentBetty Kreiter269-964-0729Could you please look at the door and see what needs to be done. My daughter said that the glass in it was not broken. She also mentioned an old leak in the small up-stairs closet and the one in entry way by the skylight. As you can tell, I have not been over there in ages.07/31/2019Similar to three other requests that were submitted. The door is owned and maintained by owner and not the Association. The repair should be discussed with owner and door contractor and not be tracked by the Association webpage repair request log.
5/15/19Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillGutters require cleaningTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221Gutters on the east side of bldg #8 need to be cleaned. Bldgs #7 and #9 probably also.07/03/2019All street side gutters were cleaned out on Buildings 7, 8 and 9
5/10/19Complete Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillNeed new gate/garage openerStephen Girod6162624445Current operator will not open the gate nor will our Car homelink.06/28/2019Individual remotes work the best. Purchased accordingly
4/19/19Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillGarage lights outTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221Exterior night lights are out on remote garages # 5 thru 10 on SeaWatch.07/30/2019All three bulbs replaced and two bulbs as well by the pool! With lights now functioning by the skinny dipping allowed!
3/14/19Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass HillCracked windowJohn DeMott6167960337Our big front window has a large crack. Ron checked it out. We are waiting to hear what is next.05/22/2019Glass replaced. Request closed
2/27/19Complete Requestscorinnewalls@yahoo.com797 Sea WatchMany many leaking windowsCorinne Walls616 399-7526For years I have had a significant problems with windows leaking. Ron has always responded in a timely matter and has tried to remedy the problem, but over the last few years the leaking has progressed . I have found water pooled on my newly installed wood floors three times since this past summer and on the window sills many more times. I do have pictures I have had to have my windows and sills painted three times since the summer and it needs to be done again. I am requesting that the board approve a permanent fix to the problem by authorizing the windows be replaced04/29/2019Upstairs windows in the living and dining room totally replaced. Will monitor downstairs windows for water infiltration. Request will be closed for now!
12/6/18Complete Requestsjwesten1224@aol.com723 Sea Watchdoorbell/change gate code/Jayne Westendorp-Holland312-590-0560Hi Ron, Rich suggested that I contact you concerning the doorbell. IT has not worked since I moved in. He said that he thought that it was repairable now?? IS that the case? IF so, would love to have a doorbell. Also would like to request a gate code change. What do I need to do to have that happen? One more thing...has Bouman and DeGroot fixed the issue with the furnace? Are you still willing to install a "nest" system or something similar for regulating the heat? If so, let me know. THANKS! Jayne12/13/2018All of the above have been completed! Thanks for filling out the repair request!
11/30/18Open Requestsstaffordfam@comcast.net741 Sea WatchFront Entry IssuesRob and Susan Stafford6163650948This request is for the front entry door and window for 739 and 741 Seawatch. I stopped by on Wednesday and was pleased to see that the front door hardware has been replaced. Unfortunately the door is still extremely difficult to latch even with the new hardware. Also, the window frame has been scraped and it is evident that the frame is rotted. We have just replaced the front entry tile and will be installing a new railing soon. When the painter comes to work on the railing we were hoping to have him address other paint issues in the front entry. Please let us know what the plan is for the window and we would like the situation with the front door to be addressed. We do not feel it is date setAs mentioned in a reply email, "beautification" on the door and adjacent area will be completed over the winter. It also includes total replacement of the adjacent window.
11/17/18Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass Hillkeys to lock given to Ron A.Betty Kreiter269-964-0729Please have copies made of the keys or if this is not possible, please put the keys back in the condo, so I can take them in to be duplicated. Thanks11/27/2018Copies of extras completed
11/17/18Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillKeys were given to Ron A.Betty Kreiter269-964-0729I don't know if you returned the keys to the condo or if you did have duplicate keys made. I would be able to get extra keys made myself providing they don't have a "do not duplicate" stamped on them someplace. Please let me know where the keys are. Thank you11/27/2018Duplicate request.... will close.
11/14/18Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillWater still on at 748 SpyglassBetty Kreiter269-964-9729The weather turned suddenly colder than I expected, and I won't be back in time to turn off the water and open the little doors under the sink. Thank you11/15/2018Water shut off ….request complete
10/3/18Complete Requestsworkmanjm@comcast.net739 Sea Watchcontractor on site on 10/8/18Jim & Mary Workman6168902188This is to notify Ron and the board that our contractor will be starting tile removal in our lobby and beginning the construction of our shower in our guest bathroom. The drain will remain the same and the shower valve and head will be in the same location. 11/06/2018Thanks for the heads up, but for future renovations, please send me (Ron) and /or the board an email directly.
10/3/18Open Requestsvanderdj@yahoo.com765 Spyglass HillDecks and railings need paintingDavid Vander Kam9046146727Our building was not done in the last rotation of deck painting and rails. They are now in need of a fresh coat of paint. There is peeling and date setNormally deck rails are repainted when the building is painted. Your building was painted in 2016. Since your building, the rails have been painted with an epoxy paint. We are seeing much improvement in the durability of the paint. We will look at your rails in the spring of 2019 when building #8 is repainted.
9/7/18Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillWater leakLori Hyde214-616-2234Water coming in from above window facing south in our living room. We have paint and window shade damageno date set
8/30/18Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass HillholeJohn DeMott6167960337Here's a photo11/06/2018Repeat request....will close this request but will keep the other one open until complete! Download
8/30/18Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hillfollow-up to previous requestJohn DeMott6167960337Re: the hole in the exterior siding/wall to the left of our common entry: Please prioritize to get done soon. We are concerned that squirrels or other animals might occupy that area once it turns cooler and possibly find a way into the condos or attic. no date set
8/30/18Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hilllights out on outdoor stairwayJohn DeMott6167960337When coming down the wooden stairs from the top tier of buildings after dark yesterday, we noticed that several of the light bulbs under the stairs are not working. These are from the top of the stairs to the level of the landing and boardwalk just northwest and west of Chamberlain's bottom deck.. It is quite dark along that first flight of steps coming down and will be more of a problem as it gets dark sooner.09/13/2018Two bulbs burnt out.....replaced with new LED's.
8/29/18Complete Requestsj.shriver87@gmail.com752 Spyglass HillScreen and screen spline coming off the entry doorJay Shriver2697573013Please repair.10/30/2018Installed new storm door with built in roll screen. Problem solved!
8/28/18Complete Requestsdplasman@chartermi.net702 Spyglass HillPaintDave & Jean Plasman616-403-8592The wall next to Miller's unit entrance needs some touch up. We have some paint if needed 11/01/2018Fixed drywall seam cracks (stress) as well! Painted common area to match
8/27/18Complete Requestsyormiston@yahoo.com758 Spyglass HillRoadside window does not closeYvonne Ormiston6163777447Window does not close in back bedroom08/27/2018Window was repaired.
8/17/18Open Requestsjbos@bosglazier.com795 Sea Watchgutter down spout rattles when wind is from northwestJim & Carole Bos616-399-9068secure downspout outside of our master bedroom windowno date set
8/17/18Open Requestsjbos@bosglazier.com795 Sea Watchwindow frame rotted out in livingroomJim & Carole Bos616-399-9068repair window frame - tall north side window in livingroom no date set
8/17/18Complete Requestsjbos@bosglazier.com795 Sea Watchtree branches scraping building on north sideJim & Carole Bos616-399-9068Please cut two branches that have grown next to the north side of building - wind blows and then branches scrape across window and siding08/17/2018Complete....with the assistance of Jim! Thanks Jim!
8/17/18Open Requestsjbos@bosglazier.com795 Sea Watchpeeling paint on framework of main sliderJim & Carole Bos616-399-9068Paint is pealing to bare wood on frame members around main slider - and behind awning 10/04/2018Due to difficulty keeping paint on skirt boards (normal occurrence), the boards were replaced with rot free white Azek boards.
8/17/18Complete Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 Spyglass HillFar west master bedroom casement vented window does not close properly. Please repairFred Bunting6162604760fix window!10/10/2018Window was "rebuilt" in October. Functions as normal.
8/1/18Complete Requeststfisc007@comcast.net747 Spyglass Hill, Holland, mifront door handleTom Fischer630 337-6217front door handle looks very UGLY! Please replace ASAP. Very bad first impression to new visitors and friends.10/30/2018We are in the process of replacing all 28 handles on each common door. Besides replacing the hardware, the process will also include filling holes, scaping old paint, caulking, priming and painting of the door and surrounding area. We will complete one at a time and try to accomplish yours at the beginning. Update: 11/6/18 - Door handle was replaced late October as well as board approved new storm door (with built in roll screen) installed. The plan is to sand / paint the exterior door and surrounding trim this winter to "spruce" up the entrance.
7/24/18Complete Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillHand delivered repair request to Ron and BillLori Hyde214-616-2234Today’s earlier request should have mentioned balcony rail and trim painting. 07/26/2018Balcony and trim painted completed in July. Will close this request but will keep another related request open.
7/24/18Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillConfirming hand delivery to Ron and BillLori Hyde214-616-2234Rotted wood and water stains depicted by 9 photos. Repair request dated 7/21 sent via email was not delivered to Ronno date set
7/15/18Open Requestsfbunting@autowares.com783 Sea WatchWindow Seal brokenFred Bunting616-399-4362We now have a window seal broken in both 783 & 779 Sea Watch. They are both on second level above the bookcases. Please check others nearby also. Thank Youno date setFYI - Closed another request due to duplicate requests. Related to broken seals, the Association does reimburse the resident the cost of seal replacement when the resident covers the cost of new windows. The location of the current casement windows replaced with new awning windows and opening /closing remote would be ideal. Would eliminate climbing ladder to open/ closing. Many residents along SeaWatch have replaced these exact windows and installed remotes. If interested, please let me know and can obtain costs and reimbursement numbers
6/29/18Complete Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 Sea WatchWindow seal is brokenFred Bunting616-399-4362Window upstairs above bookcase the seal is date setDuplicate request
6/29/18Open Requeststhelmavenema@comcast.net785 Sea Watch1Water infiltration on window under upper deck 2. Water infiltration "rot" on exterior board under upper deck.Thelma Venema219-808-1477Water infiltration under upper deck (N side). Windows are new and tile has been removed from deck. Ongoing date set
6/25/18Open Requestslrcain@safaricircuits.com789 Sea WatchRotting Wood above windowLarry & Ginny Cain269 370-6928Wood above angled window is wet and rotting. Perhaps eaves trough or drain above is plugged. Also paint on ceiling of balcony is peeling (not related to rotting wood)no date setDownload
6/9/18Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hillenlarging hole in sidingJohn DeMott6167960337Outside, there is a sizable hole in the siding, to the left of the top of our common entry door, near the downspout. Birds are nesting there and apparently have enlarged the hole significantly since we first noticed it a month or two ago. Once the birds are done nesting, this needs to be repaired promptly so that weather and animals cannot get date setRepeat request.....another one is similar and will be completed soon. Will close this request
5/29/18Complete Requeststhelmavenema@comcast.net785 Sea Watch1. Broken gutter 2. large 1/2 circle caulk smearThelma Venema2198081477Ice rips gutter from building above entry door. Ugly smear on window at top of staircase.06/20/2018Request repaired in June, but just updating and closing currently. Smear removed with razor blade and gutter has been replaced and additional gutter screws have been installed to increase strength.
5/20/18Complete Requestsdplasman@chartermi.net702 Spyglass HillThe door of the electrical box along our sidewalk to our entrance is badly in need of repairNeeds Ron's magicDave & Jean Plasman616-403-8592Needs Ron's magic touch06/13/2018Door has been fixed before..nothing "strong" to attach the door to. Reversed the door hand (RH to LH) and placed hinge to other side. Caulked and painted accordingly. Repaired completed back in June, just updated and closing the request accordingly.
5/3/18Complete Requestslhillegonds@comcast.net719 Sea WatchKey pad (garage)Lynn Hillegonds6164859939Doesn’t work. 05/09/2018Keypad is part of garage opener and is the responsibility of resident. To help out resident, new keypad was installed and resident covered the costs to supply, install and program. Repair completed in May, but currently closing the request on line.
5/1/18Open Requestsworkmanjm@comcast.net739 Sea Watchtile on deck and front door conditionJim & Mary Workman6168902188This will be the 4th season that our tile removal on our deck has not been addressed. Our front door should not have new hardware until the frame and door are replaced. no date set
4/25/18Open Requestsrptenbarge7470@att.net721 Sea WatchWind & some moisture gets through the two panels of our master bedroom slider.Rich & Pat TenBarge616-560-2375Ron, I think you said I need a new gasket, for the door that is. ?no date set
4/15/18Open Requestsswoznick0004@charter.net726 Spyglass Hillbad window seal in large picture windowRon & Sherri Woznick6163407302At Christmas-time, found a handful of snow had accumulated INside the left-hand corner of large picture window overlooking the date setCurrently Spyglass Board is discussing 2019 budget. Most likely all of the living room lake facing windows will be replaced by the Association next spring. Will keep you posted!Download
4/15/18Open Requestsswoznick0004@charter.net726 Spyglass Hillkitchen window leakRon & Sherri Woznick6163407302significant leak at kitchen window during a windy, rainy day last summerno date setDownload
4/15/18Complete Requestsswoznick0004@charter.net726 Spyglass Hillwindow cranks that don't workRon & Sherri Woznick6163407302the following cranks no longer work well: main level, corner window to the right of the fireplace; in the dining area, window on the right; upstairs in loft, the window on the right of the ones overlooking the parking lot.10/01/2018Windows were "rebuilt" including the sash replacement upstairs facing the road (broken seal.) Front windows (including arch top) will most likely be replaced in spring 2019.
4/15/18Complete Requestsswoznick0004@charter.net726 Spyglass Hillcracked window paneRon & Sherri Woznick616 340-7302Crack in window that is in the second story loft. The one on the far left if inside the unit, looking over the parking lot.10/01/2018Very fogged up window due to crack in the glass. The sash was completely replaced.
3/16/18Complete Requestsrsarendsen@hotmail.com713 Sea WatchdecksPaul & Ruthie Nelson616 240-0260Please power wash our two decks sometime in May. Thanks much.06/20/2018Complete
3/3/18Complete Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 Sea WatchCeiling Water Leak SpotFred Bunting616-399-4362We have a water leak spot on our living room ceiling. We have never had this problem before in this unit? Please fix roof and paint the water stain.05/15/2018Went on roof to caulk "susceptible" areas of water infiltration. Once confirmed, repaired the drywall, primed and painted. Repair complete!
2/14/18Open Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillWater leakStephen Girod616-262-4445Water leaking from inside top of bedroom patio date set
2/8/18Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass Hillentryway lights always onTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221the entryway exterior lights for the center entry walkway on building #7 are on 24 hrs a day. motion detector/photocell bad.04/10/2018Lights stay on due to resident not turning them off. However, flood light with motion sensor does work within the same outside common area. Explained to resident in middle unit that motion sensor does work and if she can remember to shut off lights when not in use. If it continues, outside garage lights could be wired to motion sensor (like others) as well.
1/26/18Complete Requestsfbunting@autowares.com783 Sea WatchLiving room ceiling leakFred Bunting616-399-4362water leak as caused stains on ceiling and leaks need to fixed and ceiling painted. Thank You05/15/2018Area on roof was caulked and ceiling was re-drywalled, prime and painted. Complete on 5/15/18 but closing Request today (8/17/18.)
1/11/18Complete Requestsrsarendsen@hotmail.com752 Spyglass Hillupper R/LShelly Suzuki6163404310door needs to have the seals replaced and possibly have the striker moved inward to make a tighter seal Thank you Ron02/14/2018New seals installed and door latch tightened up.
12/15/17Open Requestsstaffordfam@comcast.net741 Sea WatchAttic RoofRob and Susan Stafford6162928496When the contractor was making repairs to the attic trusses he noticed visible sky through the date set
10/27/17Complete Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 / 783 Sea Watch783 ceiling water spot / extra garageFred Bunting616-399-4362My 783 unit has water spot on living room ceiling by fireplace. My 3rd garage 2nd from top on Sea Watch on hill key pad does not open door. I installed new battery? 783 street downstairs bedroom window still needs repair to work right.05/15/20181) Window great! 2) Garage door opener keypad reprogrammed...used original code of 0609. 3) Did some caulking around chimney on "suspicious" areas. Will monitor until it snows, will evaluate and fix the drywall stain on the inside this winter. Leak fixed and ceiling repaired.
10/21/17Complete Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass HillScreen door on to deck from the living room will not close and lockBetty Kreiter269-964-0729Please fix the door so it will lock and also put in the glass for me as I cannot do it. Thanks10/23/2017Screen changed out with glass and deadbolt locked on storm door and exterior door
9/29/17Complete Requestsrptenbarge7470@att.net721 Sea WatchLeaks on sealing, possible coming from chimney flashingRich & Pat TenBarge616-560-2375Ron, I've noticed an increase in the number of water stains on the ceiling in our living room next to the chimney where it meets the ceiling. Would like u to check it out before it get worse. Thank u. Rich10/03/201710/3/17 - Went on the roof with caulk and inspected around chimney. Plugged a couple areas that were "questionable." Will continue to monitor. Drywall replaced, primed and painted during the winter months. Complete
9/13/17Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hillshuffleboard cues (sticks)John DeMott6167960337Shuffleboard cues (sticks) are bent, don't work well. I see online there are fiberglass ones (rather than aluminum) that look more durable. Time to replace what we have? see for details05/14/2018Due to the use and "fragileness" of the shuffleboard cues, the Association does replace them every two to three years. The "wear" balls on the ends are replaced every year (and sometimes sooner.) Fiberglass tends to bend and has a tendency of cracking. However, when the time comes to purchase new cues again next spring, fiberglass cues will be an option. Thank-you. Update - 8/17/18 - New fiberglass cues are working great. Request closed
9/12/17Open Requestssdryfhout@juno.com717 Spyglass HillpaintingSharon Dryfhout616-399-2434Hi Ron, Bill tells me that the painters are here for a while. Besides the two areas on the deck by us, our entrance way needs attention too. I dabbed some paint on the garage door of Carrs where there was a large chipped paint area but it needs complete repainting. The entry door and surrounding system could also use a good date set
8/30/17Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hilldoorbell fails to ringJohn DeMott6167960337Doorbell fails to ring consistently. We are missing deliveries that require signature. Seems like it is the doorbell button. Hope you can fix it soon.08/31/2017Replaced with a new exterior unit that was on the shelve.
8/30/17Open Requestspmpitchwak@gmail.com791 Sea WatchLoose Chimney CapPatti Pitchwak586-817-5127West side of western most chimney cap is loose and appears to be disconnected. Cap rises half off during heavy date set
8/21/17Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillPaint trim and utility box deteriorationDave Shellenbarger6163998664Second request to paint trim to reduce rust bleed-through and deterioration of wood trim finish. First request to rebuild utility box in front garden, as it is falling date set
8/12/17Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass HillDrafty slidersJohn DeMott6167960337Ron mentioned at the annual meeting that he can replace seals around sliding glass doors if necessary. Would like Ron to inspect ours with this in mind, because there is quite a draft coming in around the sliders when the wind date set
8/6/17Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillBldg 8 entry lights onTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221Motion/daylight sensor inop on bldg 8 entrywayno date set
8/6/17Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillTrap leakingTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221Men's bathroom urinal trap leaking08/10/2017Replaced all trap plumbing pipe and fittings with new (after 30 years.) Also, caulked around the bottom seal. Looks like over time the seal started to dry out and leak on occasion
8/4/17Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass Hillentry light outTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221The first (easternmost) light on the entryway is out08/10/2017Bulb replaced (and dated)
8/4/17Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillVines growing in pine treeTony & Patricia Wroblewski6167869221The westernmost pine off our North bedroom window has a vine growing throughout the tree and has reached the top. It should be removed.08/23/2017Vines cut at base of tree and pulled out.
7/30/17Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillExposed screw headsSpyglass common area (Wroblewski)3998668The new north boardwalk has numerous screws that have not been driven flushno date set
7/30/17Open Requestsworkmanjm@comcast.net739 Sea WatchPaint on railings and trim on balcony+ problems listed below.Jim & Mary Workman6163990735We have water stains on our ceiling in the master bedroom, our front door and it's frame are deteriorating and our railing and trim on our balcony are peeling and date set
7/21/17Complete Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass Hillwalkway to my unitHelen Fredricks616-949-0001Not sure if this would come under repair requests - I don't remember when the walkways to the units were done - was it last summer? I kept thinking that maybe the company was going to come back and finish but nothing was ever done. My walkway looks unfinished and I must say it really bothers me. Any chance we can get the company to come back and finish the job? It clearly wasn't done correctly!10/01/2018Your walk was sealed with the same sealer as applied around the pool deck last year. However, the plan is to apply another coat next spring (2018) around the pool. The walkway towards your entrance door will be accomplished at the same time. 11/6/ 18 - A second coat of sealer was applied earlier this fall. Looks much better. Request complete!
7/15/17Open Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 Sea WatchStreet front bedroom window arm has come disconnected from windowFred Bunting616-260-4760We cannot open or close 1st floor street bedroom window. The lower arm has come disconnectedno date setIt is a small white plastic part that makes the opening and closing of the egress window much easier to operate. The part is on order with Pella.....will receive and install as soon as possible once received! Meanwhile, if you remove the screen and hold up the linkage into the track (located at bottom of sash) while turning the crank, the window should be able to close. Sorry about the inconvenience.
7/10/17Complete Requestsbill.hyde@outlook.com735 Spyglass HillWe have an open gap under our smaller north facing upper level window which leaks down into our lower window when it rains.Lori Hyde214-616-2234Fill 1 1/2 ft. Gap under this window to stop interior leaks.08/03/2017All windows have a "weep" area under each of them for drainage purposes. However, that particular window had a much larger one. Filled in the area with caulk but left a "small" area for drainage purposes. Caulk was also applied on the side of the window where rain could possibly filter within the unit. If it continues to be an issue, please contact us.Download
7/10/17Open Requestsbill.hyde@outlook.com735 Spyglass HillWater leakage on small north window, also boardwalk outside has big gap with step, not even as it was last year.Lori Hyde214-616-2234Also rotten wood hole on exterior door to 733 & 735. Upper common area window in our building still has some rotten areas. Will send separate pictures of water date setDownload
7/8/17Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hilldeck outlet (follow-up comments)John DeMott6167960337Ron, I know you have the new outlet and plan to replace the current one, but I want to correct your stated assessment of the problem. As I said in my previous repair request, the problem with the outlet is NOT that it is shorted out. The problem is that only one of the two receptacles will accept a plug. This was true from the day you installed it last summer. So it is defective, not damaged by anything I did, as you suggest. Would like this replaced since we would like from time to time to be able to plug in a second device in addition to the date set
7/8/17Open RequestsDavidLHolmes@outlook.com745 Sea WatchRotting of entryway window frame/termites?Dave & Janine Holmes6163997872The frame of the large common area entryway window for 745/743 is showing signs of insect infestation and rotting along the bottom surface. I have wiped away yellowish foam with bugs (with Clorox spray) that exudes from the rotting hole. no date set
6/27/17Open Requestsdplasman@chartermi.net702 Spyglass HillMajor water infiltration in living room area.Dave & Jean Plasman616-399-2408Repair the water infiltration, the cause. Repair the ceiling and wall damage. Paint the repaired area. We thank you in advance! Dave & Jean Plasman no date setInvestigated leak in both residents unit. Caulked some questionable areas on top deck. Also locked a few upstairs unit owner windows and shut off their water. Will continue to monitor and arrange the repair (drywall, prime and paint) as soon as possible.
6/20/17Complete RequestsDavidLHolmes@outlook.com745 Sea Watchoutlets in common area, up & down aren't workingDave & Janine Holmes6163997872Electrical outlet in entryway, and outlet at bottom of stairs haven't been working for several weeks. Also, overhead light outlet in utility closet at bottom of stairs isn't working.09/20/2017The initial investigation determined the circuit only had 6 volts (instead of required 120 volts,) Most likely a loose wire in back of one of the outlets that are in a series (not parallel) circuit. Will continue to investigate. Lightbulb mostly is tied to the same circuit (needs 120 volts to light up.)
6/6/17Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillPorch paint deteriorationDave Shellenbarger6163998664Paint is peeling, boundaries with cement need touch up. Surfaces are inferior and are embarrassing with visitors. More photos available. no date setDownload
6/5/17Complete Requestsmollynorm@comcast.net736 Spyglass HillKitchen pipe pluggedNorm & Molly Guillaume616-901-7310Disposal works fine. Plugged pipe on right side of sink. Used a snake and could not get to the problem area. Tony suggested we ask you for ideas or assistance. My daughter Lori and husband are there today. Her no. Is 616-450-378106/05/2017Called plumber and arrived around 8:30 am the same day. He mentioned there was grease build up and shouldn't pour grease down the drain and run plenty of water after use.
6/3/17Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hillpool shower/bathroom areas need attention now and regularlyJohn DeMott6167960337The pool bathrooms/showers (both men's and women's) should be cleaner. I know that there are times of heavy use during/after which they will be dirty. However, the floors often looks like they need to be hosed down. And the shower walls generally show heavy mold growth. We know mold is difficult to control in a warm moist environment but a thorough cleaning including application of a mold control product like Concrobium, followed by a weekly (or more often if needed) scrub down and reapplication would make a significant difference. This is especially important for people with mold allergies. Our impression based on the appearance of these facilities is that there is not a consistent scheduled cleaning, or if there is, it is not sufficient. I suspect that most residents, including most board members, rarely if ever use those areas, and so few concerns are voiced. However, for those that do, as well as their guests, the status quo is unacceptable. This issue has been raised before but I have not observed a significant change in the situation. As of June 1, when I first used the pool area for the season, the men's shower walls were quite moldy , apparently left over from last season, as there has not been significant time nor humidity for this amount of mold to have already developed this year. So evidently, the shower walls were not cleaned at the end of last season nor prior to the opening of the pool this season. Again, this is unacceptable, and reinforces the impression that cleaning of these facilities is usually an afterthought, often overlooked, and not part of a regular schedule. Once a thorough cleaning has been done with application of Concrobium , maintenance should not take a lot of time. Thank you for your attention to this matter.07/14/2017Immediately after repair request was received, the bathrooms were scrubbed done with hand hard bristle brushes after spraying with mold and mildew remover. will continue to monitor throughout the season repeat the cleaning if necessary. Per board direction, both bathrooms were repainted, cleaned regrouted, and stalls hung from ceiling. Dividers added to bottom of counters.Download
6/3/17Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hilldeck outlet needs to be replacedJohn DeMott6167960337Ron replaced our deck outlet late last summer but only one of the two receptacles will accept a plug. Would like this replaced since we have a motorized awning always plugged in and would like to be able to plug other devices into the other 3-prong date setPicked up a GFI outlet to replace existing outlet. Most likely the existing one was " shorted out" with the rains and not covered or the canopy plug not pulled out prior to rain. Will replace as soon as possible.
5/30/17Complete Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass HillbushesHelen Fredricks616-949-0001Not sure if this falls under repair request but my bushes off the lower level deck are becoming a little out of control. They need a major trimming back - I would really prefer that they be about half the size they are right now. I would really appreciate whatever you can do. Thank-you! Helen06/20/2018In accordance with the new landscape, most likely the bushes will be removed and replaced with a stoned maintenance strip. The design will occur over winter and implemented next summer. Maintenance strip and dune grass replaced the bushes. Request: complete
5/28/17Open Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass Hilloutside entryway walk needs workHelen Fredricks616-949-0001The walk leading to my condo entrance looks pretty shabby. The rocks are covered with grass and sand and it just looks really messy. Could someone please work on this? It might take removing all the rocks and then cleaning it out before the rocks are put back in. Thanks so much, Helen no date set
5/22/17Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillEntry Door Lock & HardwareDave Shellenbarger6163998664Entry door lock is worn and won't unlock half the time. Also, garage door keypad replaced 24 months ago is inoperable.05/25/2017Per lock, a set screw became loose. Tighten up and works great!. Totally replaced key pad (original most likely a "lemon" since there are many of that type at Spyglass without issues.)
5/13/17Open Requestssdryfhout@juno.com717 Spyglass Hillpaint chippingSharon Dryfhout616-399-2434The paint on our bedroom deck is chipping badly as well as our front door and the inside garage door of the date set
5/8/17Complete Requestsrptenbarge7470@att.net721 Sea WatchMissing outdoor dryer vent coverRich & Pat TenBarge6165602385This request is being made for my building neighbor Jayne Holland to replace her outside dryer vent cover. To keep mice out of her unit 723 Sea Watch. Thank you!05/09/2017Old vent was brittle (plastic does that over time, especially consistently in the sun.) Replaced with new one.
4/4/17Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass Hillwater leakTony & Patricia Wroblewski616 786-9221entry hall closet, recently refinished, is showing water staining on the ceiling04/07/2017Determined that the water was coming in on an "overlap" joint on the flashing. Caulked accordingly!
3/26/17Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillBroken water pipe in ceilingSally Carr616-738-8374Hi Ron & Bill. Due to the way things unfolded yesterday am I realize now that I never actually filled out a repair request form. First, thank you both for all your help!!! We would have been in even bigger trouble if not for you both. So, for the record, it appears a water pipe above our kitchen ceiling broke during the night and we now have damage to our ceiling, walls and floor. (It appears the water traveled under the flooring you saw, about 4-5' into the kitchen, causing damage which did not go away when it dried.) Thanks again to both of you for your help Saturday. Everyone we tell the story to is really impressed with you guys! :)06/09/2017Repaired the leak that same day using "shark bite" fittings. Drywall, prime and paint accomplished later in the week. Flooring replaced a couple months later!
2/20/17Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillLED light outTony & Patricia Wroblewski616 786-9221Westernmost LED on the entry deck is out.02/27/2017Light bulb replaced.
12/13/16Open Requestsdplasman@chartermi.net702 Spyglass HillPainting touch up...Dave & Jean Plasman616-403-85921 Trim paint on deck above slider and the white board above that. #2 White trim around both garage doors. 700 & 702 #3 Entry door white trim needs paint. 1,2&3 still need to be completed. Hopefully the spring of 2017 we thank you in advance. Dave & Jeanno date set
11/12/16Complete Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass Hillunit outside doorHelen Fredricks616-949-0001The door handle came off the door that leads to the outside of my unit. I did slip it back on but I'm not sure how long that's going to last :) Would you please repair that? Thank -you!12/10/201611/15/16 - Set screw came loose.....tighten up and completed request.
11/7/16Open Requeststfisc007@comcast.net747 Spyglass Hill, Holland, mi1. rusty railings. 2. window leaks. 3. ceiling leaksTom Fischer630 337-6217 616 399-6496rusty deck railings -up and down. Window leak south window up. upper deck ceiling leaks and paint flaking near date setBuilding and railings are scheduled to be painted in Spring 2017. Deck ceiling is the result of water penetrating. In early November, access was obtained to upper deck and inspected for areas of water infiltration, caulked where questionable. Continue to monitor. May 2017 - railings painted using an epoxy that should last much longer! Complete building painted as well!
10/21/16Complete RequestsJim.w.chamberlain@gmail.com767 Spyglass HillSliding doors need seals replacedJim & Sue Chamberlain248-705-4603Sliding door seals. Need repair. Thanks Jim C05/01/2017Needed to order new slider door seal material. Besides the one that is "whistling" but not being infiltrated with water, the other three sliders will have the seals replaced as well! All four replaced.
8/17/16Open Requestsmekwek4@gmail.com748 Spyglass Hillfalling and loose ceiling registersBetty Kreiter269-964-0729The registers are loose in the downstairs bedroom and in the living room. There are also indications of a possible water leak except with the register that fell out in the dining room. 08/24/2016All three registers have been rigidly re-attached......two in living /dining and one in master bedroom. Noticed pealing "popcorn" ceiling adjacent to master bedroom register. However no indication of water stains....continue to monitor.
7/29/16Complete Requestsswoznick0004@charter.net726 Spyglass Hillhall/stairway light near top stairs is outRon & Sherri Woznick616-340-7302light near top of stairs in outer hallway is outno date setreplaced with LED - first week in august.
7/28/16Complete Requestsdplasman@chartermi.net702 Spyglass HillTrim painting and light bulb replacedDave & Jean Plasman616-399-2408 616-403-8592#1 Trim paint on deck above slider and the white board above that. #2 White trim around both garage doors. 700 & 702 #3 Entry door white trim needs paint. #4 Sidewalk light needs to be replaced. no date set#4 - Fluorescent light bulb (s) were replaced with LED's. Unit owner did borrow "Spyglass" color paints over late summer.
7/20/16Open Requestsbultmanm@hope.edu741 Spyglass Hillrusty deck railingsJim & Martie Bultman786-9246Major concern of over 28 years. Now worse than ever on all 4 decks. Is there no permanent way to solve this problem? Band-aid approaches don't even last a summer season. 05/30/2017The railings are directly located below the decks above. In addition to the direct rainfall, water from above falls directly on the current railings. The lower railings experience much more weather then the ones located on upper deck. Building and railings scheduled to be painted in Spring 2017. Will determine prior on how to have the paint last longer. Spring 2017 - building completely repainted...also went to an two-part epoxy on all deck railings....should last much longer than current paint.
7/20/16Complete Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillBalcony railingStephen Girod616-262-4445Balcony railing need painting. A lot of rust showing.12/10/2016Mid September - completed with touch up of building.
7/5/16Open Requestsenoch.jen@gmail.com756 Spyglass HillTennis court lightsEnoch & Nancy Jen616-662-9616We noticed this weekend that the center pole lights are outno date setLooking into switching over to LED bulbs (like the street lights.) Due to the height of the lights, scaffolding would also need to be rented. Due to the use of the lights, the repair will be accomplished "in-house". At that time, lights will be repaired as well!
6/20/16Complete Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 Sea WatchWindow seal out in ground floor back bedroom we have 3 seals out in totalFred Bunting616-260-4760Found another window seal date setTwo fixed window pane replaced.....the vented sash on order.
6/16/16Complete Requestswjperegon@msn.com758 Spyglass HIllWATER SUPPLY TO REFRIG ICE MAKERWalter II Peregon586-942-7339We have a very new refrigerator with an ice maker. It stopped making ice. Could we verify that we have a good water supply to the ice maker? 08/24/2016During the investigation, realized the refrigerator was making ice!
6/16/16Complete Requestswjperegon@msn.com758 Spyglass HillLEAK FROM FAUCETWalter II Peregon586-942-7339When the washer hose (hot) is turned on, water leaks and sprays out from around the valve stem. Is this something Ron can take a look at?no date setLeaking around packing nut.....added more packing material. Complete
6/16/16Complete Requestswjperegon@msn.com758 Spyglass HillPEELING PAINT NEAR DOORWALLWalter II Peregon586-942-7339Some of the trim around the door wall has peeling paint. I know this will be taken care of when the exterior of the bldg is painted, but if that is years away, maybe it can be touched up.12/10/2016Completed mid September with touch up of building
6/16/16Complete Requestswjperegon@msn.com758 Spyglass HillWINDOW FRAME DAMAGEWalter II Peregon586-942-7339The framing of some of the windows facing the lake are showing signs of wood rot. We have not had any leaks, but I think this is something for Ron to look at.08/24/2016Have investigated.....continue to monitor.
6/16/16Complete Requestswjperegon@msn.com758 Spyglass HillCeiling in furnace roomWalter II Peregon586-942-7339Ceiling was removed due to water leak. Does it need to be replaced before we can sell our unit? Also smoke alarm is disconnected in this room12/10/2016Unit sold as is - Smoke alarm reconnected, but "buzzed" again. In process of replacing both of them. Completed
6/10/16Open Requestsfbunting@autowares.com783 Sea WatchDeck Slider Door very hard to moveFred Bunting616-3994362Door may need new wheels?no date set
6/2/16Open Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 Sea WatchWidow SealsFred Bunting616 399-4362Window seals broken in a couple windowsno date setLakeside window has film the other does not (sash I back bedroom.) Ron to replace sash while window pane contractor has been notified. Both fixed windows were replaced and a new "vented" casement sash ordered. Need to paint prior to install. In process.
5/16/16Complete Requeststpafamily@aol.com711 Sea Watch RdWater damage on ceiling in dining area and living areaTricia Paarlberg708-476-9355I spoke with Ron this am. There are 2 larger spots with water damage, 1 smaller spot. The drywall is cracked, due to a leaking roof.12/10/2016Late October - the roof was accessed and areas were caulked where it was questionable that water was infiltrating. Early December, the interior drywall was repaired and re-primed and painted.
12/21/15Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillLeaky window (again)Sally Carr616-738-8374There are no high winds today, just rain, but the window casings I reported on 11/18 are leaking again. Downstairs, main living area, west windows. Nothing leaking date set
12/7/15Complete Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillRusty railingSally Carr616-738-8374Per our Board meeting discussion, this is to get on record our rusty railing problem. As I mentioned, the worst one is the upper west deck but, after Bill's comments about checking the bottom of the railings, I can see evidence on all of them of paint checkering, flaking and rust starting to form. I've attached a pic of the upper deck one since it's the worst. Thanks.12/10/2016All railings were sanded down and repainted during the summer. Download
12/5/15Complete Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass Hillname plaqueStephen Girod6162624445We will pay for the new door plaque. Have it match Amante's and it should read BOUMA / GIROD Thx06/10/2016Completed late April.....resident invoiced accordingly
12/2/15Complete Requestsenoch.jen@gmail.com756 Spyglass HillLoft windowEnoch & Nancy Jen616-662-9616Loft window does not open or close easily; some water may have entered when the window was left slightly open 12/10/201612/2 - Request received.....investigated...sash is fine, window needs to be "lifted" to eliminate the interference on bottom frame. Recommended that the interior trim needs to re-finished by unit owner. Late November - notice window was left open. Completed the "lift" and both vented casement windows in the room work great! Also, replaced both screens because the current ones had a "yellow" tint to them.
12/1/15Complete Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass Hillno problemStephen Girod6162624445Hi Ron : Are you still doing name plaques on entry doors? If so, could we have one some time this winter or spring? BOUMA / GIROD Not a big deal. Thanks. P.S. We are leaving 12/12. 06/10/2016The name placard in question is not "supplied" by the association......only the one located by the door bell. It would be the responsibility of the unit owner to purchase one for the door. I'll be happy to work with unit owner to "pick out" the correct one.
11/18/15Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillLeaky windowSally Carr738-8374Following up on our conversation, after the wind/rain storm last week we've got a small leak in one of the west windows of the main room in our lower level. The water is coming from the upper casing area. date setbeing worked on
2015-10-02Open Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass Hillcorner of the upper level (water damage) seems to be more widespreadHelen Fredricks616-298-8038Hi Ron and Bill, I was at my condo yesterday and noticed that the area that I was previously concerned about in the corner of the upper level (water damage) seems to be more widespread - farther to the right on the ceiling the paint is peeling. Somehow water is getting in there - have you had a chance to investigate this yet? Thanks, Helen10/14/2015Glass was replaced last spring (3/2015.) Do not know exactly why it broke but is under warranty. Glass replaced earlier today. Also, checked out area of drywall. Drywall was dry to the touch! Caulked "questionable" areas on the exterior of building....continue to monitor.
2015-09-20Open RequestsDavidLHolmes@outlook.com745 Sea Watchwater leaking in through the upper edge of our slider door (main room) during rain stormsDave & Janine Holmes616-399-7872

For the first time since our renovation in 2009, in Spring this year we started having water leaking in through the upper edge of our slider door (main room) during rain storms. This happened for a 3rd time a couple of days ago during a rain. Appears to be coming from above the south end of our slider. Dave has made Ron aware of our issue verbally. 11/10/15 - The deck was resealed and areas of "questionable leakage" were caulked. Homeowner did mention that after next rainstorm, it did not leak. Will monitor.

12/05/2015During the rain, the upper deck was having the tile removed and resealed. A strip of deck was "very exposed" during the project. The reseal has been complete and should seal any additional water infiltration. Will continue to monitor for a period prior to closing.
2015-09-15Complete Requeststherue@aol.com713 Sea WatchNeed new crank on living room windowPaul & Ruthie Nelson616-399-0729

Need new crank on living room window

Need new windows as marked with blue tape on the windows that need replacing

10/08/2015Crank was repaired and five panes (broken seals) replaced.
2015-09-12Complete Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass Hillcracked windowHelen Fredricks616-298-8038


Hi Ron and Bill,

I've already contacted Ron about these repairs/concerns but was reminded in the minutes that I really need to fill out an official repair request.

Ron replaced a cloudy window this spring in my lower level.  I came out in late April to check on things here and discovered that the window was cracked.  I might have thought that my grandkids did it but they hadn't been out here yet. :)  I have no idea how it happened but it needs replacing again.  

Also, when I came out this Spring, I noticed that in my upper level in the left corner facing the lake (on the ceiling) it looked like there was water damage.  It seems to have gotten a little worse over the summer and I think it should be taken care of before winter hits and before it gets any worse.  Ron does know about this but I know he's been extremely busy and hasn't been able to get to it yet.  

Thank you so much for addressing this,  

Helen Fredricks                                          

10/14/2015Refer to 10/2/15 request
2015-09-10Complete Requestsdplasman@chartermi.net702 Spyglass HillOur carpet is in need of cleaning.Dave & Jean Plasman616-399-2408

This request is not a repair issue, but a maintenance issue.

Our carpet is in need of cleaning. the hall way and the steps up and down.

We appreciate a date and time. We thank you in advance.

Dave & Jean Plasman





09/23/2015Besides the requested hallway carpet being cleaned, many others were cleaned as well after a busy summer usage!
2015-09-07Complete Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass Hillceiling in our master bath showing moldSally Carr616-738-8374

Ron the ceiling in our master bath showing mold where the leak from the Dryfhouts tub was.  It may still be leaking, I'm not sure.  There are watermark rings and also a ring of mold.

04/11/2016Leak coming from neighbor's hot tub upstairs. Neighbor's has a professional plumber install new seals on hot tub. The ceiling was replaced, primed and painted. Complete.
2011-05-31 08:33:21Complete Requestsenoch.jen@gentex.com756 Spyglass HillProblemEnoch & Nancy Jen994-6397

Vertical portion of drain pipe (outside condo on deck) appears to be missing

Please advise


06/10/2016Very old request.....repaired a couple years ago.
2014-07-23 16:32:32Open Requestslrcain@safaricircuits.com789 Sea WatchProblemLarry & Ginny Cain616-399-9466

1. Ceiling in LR damaged from water leak in upper unit.

2. Angled window in LR leaks or is getting water leaked from upper unit.

no date set
2012-09-04 13:42:42Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-399-8207

This is the 3rd year thatwe have requested these things be done:

1. Caulk upper balconies under sliding glass doors entire width/length.

no date set
2014-07-09 10:05:01Open Requestsjerrycar2015@aol.com767 SpyglassProblemJerry & Dorene Hammes616-399-3987

The decorative brass on top of the post needs to be installed and secured.

The shrubs and plants in front of the unit were removed and never replaced.

no date set
2012-08-02 12:06:01Open Requestsnickfloamante77@gmail.com764 Spyglass HillProblemNick & Flo Amante616-399-3454

We continue to have water coming in our large front window. It is again turning black. It comes in the bottom also getting our blinds, etc. wet.

no date set
2014-07-09 09:57:57Open Requestsjerrycar2015@aol.com791 Sea WatchProblemJerry & Dorene Hammes616-399-6965

First floor bedroom roadside defective window glass moisture between all the panes.

Water leaking as evidenceby water stains (same window area)

Exterior roof leaks have damaged the inside ceiling in the living room, lakeside bedroom etc.

no date set
2012-07-01 14:32:04Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-399-8207

We found that the lower level South facing bedroom picture window has a crack in it, almost all the way across. This is a very puzzling crack as there is no hole

no date set
2014-06-03 06:33:03Complete Requestsfrank-campbell@comcast.net739 Spyglass HillProblemLis Campbell616 560 1116

Hi Ron,

The railing outside the master bedroom is loose at one end. I'm worried about someone leaning on it ...especially my grandchildren. Will you please come and fix it.

I'm having trouble lockingthe door to the patio from the dining room. When I was there on Sunday, I was not able to close it tight and lock it.

Will you take at look and see, what the problem is.


Lis Campbell

06/10/2016Repairs completed soon after repairs were inputted into system.
2012-06-07 17:23:52Complete Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillProblemDave Shellenbarger3998664

As a resident of a lower level unit in our building, we use our stairways heavily. We feel strongly that the stair railing and walls need to be painted, and that

06/10/2016This was completed many years ago.....
2014-06-02 15:33:03Open Requestsjkittle@hermankittle.com729 Sea WatchProblemJeff Kittle317-679-0466

Can you pass to the buildings and grounds committee of the board the following request for our unit and Ron:

cracking paint on the porch railing

the window by the fireplace - (north facing, water leakage problem)

window seal popping out on the upper porch window

no date set
2012-05-21 15:21:26Open Requeststherue@aol.com713 Sea WatchProblemPaul & Ruthie Nelson616-399-0729

Please put us on the power-wash schedule to have the mold removed from both of our deck railings and also the overhang by our front door. We would appreciate it if this

no date set
2014-05-26 11:07:17Open Requestsfbunting@autowares.com783 Sea WatchProblemFred & Becky Bunting616-399-4362

We have 2?window seal?that needs repair. 779 & 783 both have the same window with a seal problem. Lake side upper center window.

Please repair

no date set
2014-08-25 13:41:16Open Requestsworkmanjm@comcast.net739 Sea WatchProblemJim & Mary Workman616-399-0735

We have a leak in our upstairs bedroom. I reported it last year and now the ceiling is stained and starting to bubble at the leak site. The source of the leak may be the stacks on the roof. We also have some stained paint in our master ceiling but that hasn't changed in the last year. The upstairs stain has progressed.

no date set
2014-02-05 05:47:42Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillProblemSally Carr616-738-8374

Hi Ron. The slider door in our lower level, south entrance, has something wrong with it. We use this door to put Buddy out. It slides with difficulty and doesn't seem to line up with the door jamb to lock easily. At first we thought it was just the cold, but this morning Mike said he thought you should look at it. He'd tried cleaning out the runners but that's not fixed it. We also noticed the wood panel is separating from the glass so maybe it's warping? Thanks.

no date set
2014-08-19 21:07:03Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-298-4077

1. With this recent rain we had a large leak on our southern exposure kitchen window.We have had it leak before this summer also. Thistime Iwent through 3 large beach towels to soak it up. Ron has caulked the above window and ours also, I believe. We will be leaving 9/15/14, and hate to think that we will continue to have water penetration through out the off season on our wooden floor. Please reassess this problem and let us know of the possible solutions. Caulking doesn't seem be to beworking.

2. About 2 years ago, I put a gutter piece at our exit for Ron. This gutter belongs to the above unit (formerly Bardy's place). It connects a gutter off of the study/MB area in that unit to another gutter going down to the ground. I found it on the ground. It has not been replaced and places extra water to fall on our balcony. Please replace this gutter.

no date set
2013-11-19 11:09:45Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-399-8207

My son was at our condo a wkend or so ago and reported that standing water was on the floor by the Southside large window by our kitchen table. I have emailed/corresponded t

no date set
2011-10-04 00:19:17Open Requestsjddemott@charter.net745 Spyglass HillProblemJohn and Jodi DeMott616-796-0337

Re: outdoor wooden stairway leading from middle level to lower level of Spyglass (the one just to the north of our building):

1) 2nd light on left

no date set
2014-08-19 12:21:29Complete Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillProblemStephen Girod616-335-5122

Hello Ron and Bill:

Dave Bouma and I will be moving into 766 in early September and would request that a new "name sign"" reading Bouma Girod be made to replace the Mulder's. If this is not the right contact for that request, please let me know. Looking forward to meeting both of you.

Steve Girod

06/10/2016Repair request completed soon after resident moved in.
2013-09-30 21:07:23Open Requestsbultmanm@hope.edu741 Spyglass HillProblemJim & Martie Bultman616-786-9246

We remain as mentioned on the final page of our 2013 Resident Survey very concerned about the state of the external front door wooden mullion entering Building #5. Its curre

no date set
2011-10-02 10:01:04Open Requestsjean@jncconsulting.com738 Spyglass HillProblemJean Chamberlain616-738-6099

Hi Ron, it's Martha. The ground floor west facing middle window has a "scoop" shaped crack. Can you advise timing on getting this replaced?

no date set
2014-08-18 16:48:27Open Requestslrcain@safaricircuits.com789 Sea WatchProblemLarry & Ginny Cain616-399-9466

1. Valve for 789 Spyglass water main (under stairway) won't turn.

2. Bad smell comingfrom laundry area, most likely fromdrain between washer and dryer. We've poured cleaning products in drain to disinfect but no luck.

no date set
2013-07-23 08:15:59Complete Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillProblemDave Shellenbarger3998664

Sidewalkleading to residence entry is crumbling and requires replacement.

06/10/2016Sidewalk removed and replaced in summer of 2015
2011-09-16 08:12:29Open Requestsjerrycar2015@aol.com767 Spyglass HillProblemJerry & Dorene Hammes616-399-3987

The ceiling in the living room needs repair which appears to be a water leak from either the unit above or the out side.

no date set
2014-08-06 11:36:57Complete Requestsgvmac1@gmail.com727 Sea WatchProblemCarol McDonald616-298-7554

There are two leaks in the master BR, one in the corner and one over my bed. They first appeared in 2013 at which time I notified Ronand the problemhasworsened over time Have had to cover half my mattress with plastic so it will not leak on my head and bed. Please repair ASAP!!!!

no date setCaulked areas on roof and around chimney in Fall of 2014. So far so good.....request closed.
2013-07-23 08:15:06Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillProblemDave Shellenbarger3998664

Wallboard is "bubbling"" along the lower right side of the large north window near our dining area. Water appears to be penetrating beyond the window frame into the wall.

no date set
2011-09-16 08:10:04Open Requestsjerrycar2015@aol.com791 Sea WatchProblemJerry & Dorene Hammes616-399-6965

The deck railing needs repair and re paint.

no date set
2014-08-05 06:48:08Complete Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillProblemTony & Patricia Wroblewski616-786-9221

Ron, the westernmost drain cover on the pool bottom is loose. Looks like a screw missing. Safety issue!

The entry lights were off this am. May be fixed.

06/10/2016Very tough to complete repair when pool is full of water! Pool was drained in Spring of 2016. Repair completed.
2013-07-23 08:13:12Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillProblemDave Shellenbarger3998664

Two crank out windows will not crank back in. Screens need to be removed to close and lock the window.

no date set
2011-09-08 11:44:29Open Requestsloreasahyde@sbcglobal.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-399-8207

Dear Bill & Ron,

I will be emailing last year's repair request form and also pictures of areas of concern. Last year, 1 out of 4 requests was taken c

no date set
2014-08-04 15:52:17Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass HillProblemJohn and Jodi DeMott616-796-0337

The white paint on the woodwork of our deck is peeling quite a bit. We're concerned that the underlying wood could experience moisture damage, especially when fall and winter arrive.

no date set
2013-06-15 08:56:31Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-399-8207


no date set
2011-07-27 16:09:11Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillProblemDave & Kathie Shellenbarger3998664

A small section of concrete in front of our unit is breaking down, and is becoming a safety hazard due to its uneven surface. The small triangular section adjacen

no date set
2014-08-04 15:52:17Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass HillProblemJohn and Jodi DeMott616-796-0337

The white paint on the woodwork of our deck is peeling quite a bit. We're concerned that the underlying wood could experience moisture damage, especially when fall and winter arrive.

no date set
2013-04-03 10:21:05Open Requestsbultmanm@hope.edu741 Spyglass HillProblemJames & Martie Bultman616-796-8005no date set
2011-07-27 16:05:48Open Requestsdave.shellenbarger@gmail.com725 Spyglass HillProblemDave & Kathie Shellenbarger3998664

A screw came out of a window closure on the north side of our unit near the dining area. The control arm that closes the window was disconnected, so it was touch

08/17/2011Repair was made with a new opening mechanism.
2014-08-03 13:35:02Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-399-8207

Please repair our doorbell. Does not ring us downstairs.

also, our cover to our mailbox rthinge is broken. Can only the opening flap be replaced by itself?

Please just say OK if you have received this request. Thanks, Bill & Lori

no date set
2014-08-02 14:26:27Open Requestsdholmes@pp-mi.com745 Sea WatchProblemDave & Janine Holmes616-399-7872

Spoke with Ron this week, but understand the need to be official. Our window well is in need of weeding/trimming this season. It didn't get done with the general landscape clean up of the yards. Appreciate it!

no date set
2012-09-09 07:25:20Open Requestslindathompson@pprmi.com787 Sea WatchProblemDavid & Linda Thompson616-738-0880

Our doorbell is not working.

Also just a reminder our ceiling needs repair from the leak.....and you were

going to check our windows

no date set
2015-07-22 09:57:59Open RequestsDJPaton@mac.com710 Spyglass HillProblemDon & Diane Paton616-786-3119


I saw this morning our team checking the gutter's, and I was wondering if they had checked the ones I mentioned to you some time ago. If so did they find any blockage?

Thanks, Don

no date set
2014-12-02 09:18:21Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillProblemSally Carr616-738-8374

The lake facing windows in our living room leaked quite a bit while we were in Florida. It's the same ones I reported in October. It appears to be the casing, not the windows, and came in from the top, by Dryfhouts, then went down our walls onto the floor. In October I think it was just one window, this time it appears to be all three although it's hard to tell because there was a fair bit of water and it may have just pooled and spread.

no date set
2014-09-04 11:47:29Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-298-4077

We need to add another window with water infiltration, the picture window on our main kitchen patio shows water damage and is wet from rain 9/4/14.

We presently have to mop up water leaking from the southern exposure picture window in our kitchen. 9/4/14 It spills over onto the wooden floor.

Someone will need to come into our unit after every rain to mop up or see if water came through when we are gone for season.

We will leave 10/6/14 for season and return next June. We will notify you if any of our plans change.

The bottom patio under the kitchen patio shows water damage to the wood on ceiling frame closest to the lake.

no date set
2015-07-20 16:21:00Open Requeststhelmavenema@comcast.net785 Sea WatchProblemThelma Venema616-738-9235

1. Doorbell. Previously addressed. No resolution. Has been out for 3 years.

2. Dark water infiltrating from Bunting deck to upper front boards at 785 Sea Watch upper deck....just painted...already stained. Previously addressed. No resolution.

3. Dark water drips infiltrating through upper angled window in the living room area at 785 Sea Watch. This has been ongoing since new window installation. Previously addressed. No resolution.

4. Rotted board on walkway near lower deck steps.


Ron, I will text pictures of board and water stains.

no date set
2014-11-12 10:54:01Open Requestslrcain@safaricircuits.com789 Sea WatchProblemLarry & Ginny Cain616-399-9466

We are hearing noises inside the walls of our condo suggesting that rodents are moving in. This has happened very seldom in the past and stopped within a day. But we are hearing much more in several rooms over several days.We suspect there is some opening on the outside of the building that allows a more major invasion of rodents than ever happened in the past.We hope youwill inspect for such openings and block them so this problem doesn't continue. Thank you. Larry and Ginny Cain

no date set
2014-09-04 09:34:40Open Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass HillProblemHelen Fredricks616-298-8038

Hi Ron,

I noticed the other day that the weather stripping on the center crank window on the upper levelwas coming loose on the outside. Would you please take a look at that for me?

Also, the 2nd railing going down my steps to the lower level in my condo is coming loose. Could you repair that for me too, please?

I'm assuming you'd like me to use this repair request form for all repairs - even the ones that are not covered by the association?

Thanks so much, Ron!


no date set
2015-07-13 07:57:40Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillProblemSally Carr616-738-8374

Ron, there are a group of trees on the south side of building 3bthat we would like to have trimmed/topped before they get so tall that we "can't""deal with them because it will kill them. They are already obstructing our view and it will only get worse. Thanks.

no date set
2014-11-09 19:53:41Open Requestsbarb@shorethingglobal.com743 Sea WatchProblemBarb Janssen616-796-8641

1. Repair or replace GFIoutlet in garage (garage door also not operating)

2. Repair doorbell

3. Reminder that trim at some time needs to be painted where windows were installed on lake side of condo

​4. Reminder that chips of concrete from side of patio deck are falling onto Holmes' deck. Thanks, Dave and Barb

no date set
2014-08-29 15:19:11Open Requestsjerrycar2015@aol.com791 Sea WatchProblemJerry & Dorene Hammes616-399-6965

It is our understanding the defective window on the road side has been ordered and will be replaced along with in other unitswhen they arrive from the manufacturer.

no date set
2015-07-06 16:24:32Open Requeststricketts@connectronicscorp.com751 Spyglass HillProblemThomas & Faith Ricketts616-786-3414

Attn: Ron & Bill,

Ron, confirming our discussion on July 6th,this is a request for replacement of the exteriorFACEBOARDat the bottom of the "slider"" opening to our deck off the dining area. The paint has been peeling and I decided to scrape it and repaint it as I had done 4 years ago,only to discover that it is soft and contains a number of rotted areas. Iwill probably finish scraping and paint it anyway just to make it look better until it can be replaced. As an afterthought, the garage overhead door jambs on both sides of both overhead doors are also rotted 6 to 10 inches up from the asphalt and this is probably also the case with many of the other condo units. Since our building is going to be painted next year it would not make sense to continue to paint over rotting wood.


Tom Ricketts, 751 Spyglass Hill, Holland, MI 49424. CELL 419-343-9003

no date set
2014-11-08 06:15:25Open Requestsgary@redstone-group.com720 Spyglass HillProblemGary Hensch616-292-7092

Please replace cracked window in the front facing the Lake upper floor.

no date set
2014-08-29 15:15:40Open Requestsjerrycar2015@aol.com791 Sea WatchProblemJerry & Dorene Hammes616-399-6965

There is evidence of the water leak from the satisfactory repaired chimney leak on the ceiling. It needs a cosmitic repair. Every sales agent and prospect pointed itout and Ron is now aware of this situation. I did't think it was a big deal but they do. Also the main support column to the ceiling surface needs to be attended to for cosmetic apprearance.


no date set
2015-06-20 11:56:38Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-298-4077

Thank you for fixing the kitchen southern exposure window, so far no leaks. Thanks for the new mail box, new gutter is in place. Super, great!!!

1. Our doorbell still needs to be fixed.

2. There were signs of water leakage on our main floor picture window that is in living room and faces South onto patio. Leakage from above area unit.

3. Also, the window that was replaced in our downtairs small bedroom southern exposure window shows some blue/green discoloring and a run of clear something and a drop of what looks to be water??? This is internal between the 2 panes of glass. Very weird.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. I have pictures if you need to see them.

no date set
2014-11-07 07:02:20Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillProblemTony & Patricia Wroblewski616-786-9221

Ron, the motion detector for the entry lights is still inop.

no date set
2014-08-26 10:36:27Open Requestsmollynorm@comcast.net736 Spyglass HillProblemNorm & Molly Guillaume616-901-7310

1. Our front left window casement / frame needs repair due to a leak from last winter.

2. Window of living roomdeck door needs replacement due to broken seal.

3. Ceiling around cove mouldingneeds work probably due to water infiltration, in living room and front bedroom.

4. Cosmetic touch upneeded in SW cornerof back bedroom ceiling from previous repair.

Thanks so much for your attention. You guys do a great job around here! We appreciate you.

Norm and Molly

no date set
2015-06-17 22:14:01Open RequestsLiscampbell7@gmail.com739 Spyglass HillProblemLis Campbell616-298-8781

I have discovered a crack in the glass at the top left part of the upper window that was replaced about 5 1/2 years ago.

There is no leaks at this time andit has not been a problem so far.

I noticed it a few weeks ago, butI'm not sure, when the break happened.

no date set
2014-11-06 10:53:32Open Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillProblemStephen Girod616-335-5122

Hi Ron:

This is not a repair request. You said you have for sale a device to monitor the inside temperature of the condo and call us or you if it goes below a certain set level, say 55 degrees. We'd like to purchase that before we leave on Dec. 15.

no date set
2014-08-25 15:38:13Open Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillProblemStephen Girod616-335-5122


A while back I sent in a request for a new name plate reading Bouma Girod to replace the Mulders. I didn't get a copy of that mailed back to me so it makes me wonder if you even got it.

Would you confirm receipt of this email.

Thanks, Steve Girod

no date set
2015-06-07 16:03:29Open Requeststherue@aol.com713 Sea WatchProblemPaul & Ruthie Nelson616-399-0729

Stripped crank handle on living room window .

no date set
2014-10-27 20:54:18Open Requestsmollynorm@comcast.net736 Spyglass HillProblemNorm & Molly Guillaume616-901-7310

Hi Ron and Bill,

We would like to discuss how we can proceed with the repair of our support column that was damaged when thesun blind on our deck was left down during a storm.

Thank you so much for your wisdom.

no date set
2015-05-23 13:32:58Open RequestsDavidLHolmes@outlook.com745 Sea WatchProblemDave & Janine Holmes616-399-7872

Hi Ron: We feel the time has come to replace our front screen door. It has had several patch fixes over the past several years. It has not closed properly for several years (won't latch and stay closed) and bangs closed most of the time. Please address this in this summer season.

Thanks, Dave & Janine

no date set
2014-10-20 16:43:37Open Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillProblemStephen Girod616-335-5122

Hi Ron:

We would like to get a storm/screen door for the living room door to the balcony just like the ones we on other units on our level. Can you take care of that for us? Thanks.

no date set
2015-05-16 20:56:55Open Requestsrptenbarge7470@att.net721 Sea Watch RoadProblemRich & Pat TenBarge616-994-7470

Ron you told me to write this up so here goes. Please remove the deteriorate wood deck railing on my patio to make it compatible with the rest of the railings in the complex, followed by a repainting of the top of the metal railing if necessary when the wood comes off. The gasket that prevents wind, moisture and small bugs from getting through my slider off the master bedroom needs to be replaced or reinstalled. It is half way out of positionwhich can be very noisy on windy days. Thank you in advance for making these corrections. Rich and Pat TenBarge

no date set
2014-10-13 17:18:33Open RequestsDJPaton@mac.com710 Spyglass HillProblemDon & Diane Paton616-786-3119

Could the window "crew"" please replace our water facing front opening window ""seal"" we only have one window. Bugs are able to come in and visit us in the living room, we don't need there company.



no date set
2015-05-05 13:53:21Open Requestsdmail@shorethingglobal.com743 Sea WatchProblemDave Janssen616-796-8641

door bell and intercom for 743 Sea Watch Rd. - neither of them function

no date set
2014-10-07 09:49:21Open Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillProblemStephen Girod616-335-5122

1. This past weekend w/ a very strong west wind and rain our front living rooms windows leaked from both the top and bottom. This is very serious and we would appreciate quick attention to this.

2. The lights on the side of the garage and over the garage are not working.

Thank you, Steve Girod

no date set
2015-04-21 13:00:31Open Requeststpafamily@aol.com711 Sea WatchProblemTricia Paarlberg7084769355

My garage opener on the outer garage door no longer functions. Can this be fixed, as it's my main way of entrance?


Tricia Paarlberg

Please note updated phone number

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2014-10-04 11:42:23Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillProblemSally Carr616-738-8374

Ron, per our discussion this morning at the Board meeting, the north window segment of our lake windows leaked some about two weeks ago. It appears to have come in through the casing not the window pane. Thanks.

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2015-04-18 10:08:05Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillProblemSally Carr616-738-8374

The slider in our living room is out of adjustment. It sits in the frame diagonally. When closed at the bottom, the top is still open by about 1/2". Thanks.

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2014-09-24 06:11:12Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillProblemSally Carr616-738-8374

The sprinkler on the lakeside/southwest side of building 6is spraying on (damaging?) the siding of the unit. It's the one by the termite trap near the south walk from the building to the boardwalk. Also, the sprinkler that is just west of this area, lakeside oftheboardwalk, was run over by the Cat machine last fall and is also broken. Thanks.

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2015-03-14 20:33:24Open Requestsfbunting@autowares.com779 Sea WatchProblemFred & Becky Bunting616-399-4362

1. Broken window in living room (behind TV)

2. Broken window seal in back lake side big arch middle 2nd rowwindow.

3. Lake deck has several boards that need replacing and painting.

Fred Bunting


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2014-09-18 10:27:46Open Requestsjjdek@aol.com735 Sea WatchProblemJim & Barb DeKruyter616-399-8034

Door Bell does not work.

no date set
2015-03-14 20:25:40Open Requestsfbunting@autowares.com783 Sea WatchProblemFred & Becky Bunting616-399-4362

Ceiling water damage in dinning room and living roomaround chimney.

no date set
2014-09-11 09:12:48Open Requestsfrank-campbell@comcast.net739 Spyglass HillProblemLis Campbell616-298-8781

Hi Ron,

The sliding door off my bedroom was making so much noise last night. I'm not sure what is wrong with it.

I know that it was very windy, but the door has never sounded like that before.

will you please come and take a look at it.


Lis Campbell

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2015-02-20 13:26:22Open Requestsrhorv1117@comcast.net761 Spyglass HillProblemRichard & Anne Horvitz616-399-9566

1. Last fall Ron sent out a notice about some service work he recommended getting done on toilets. We wanted this done on the 3 toilets in our unit. Was this ever done? I understand we will have to pay for this work. Ihave not yet seen a bill for it.

2. The doorbell in our unit has not worked for some time. Please get this fixed before next season.

no date set
2014-09-08 14:01:12Open Requestschrisecran1@comcast.net760 Spyglass HillProblemSteve & Chris Crandall616-450-7097

Hi Ron and Bill- the opening hinges on our side window on the first floor living room has separated from the casing making it inoperable,seems decayed. The window is thelake side, not fireplace side. Could you take a look?

thanks, steve

no date set
2015-02-01 15:34:44Open Requeststriumph41@hotmail.com734 Spyglass HillProblemTony & Patricia Wroblewski616-786-9221

Ron, the 2nd floor northeast window needs a new seal. pictures on the email.

no date set
2014-09-08 10:46:14Open Requestslrcain@safaricircuits.com789 Sea WatchProblemLarry & Ginny Cain616-399-9466

Far north window in living room is foggy. We've noticed a little problem in the past but it wasn't bad enough to report. It's finally getting to the point that it should hit you list for replacement. Thanks.

Larry Cain - 789 Sea Watch

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2015-08-29 19:39:04Open Requestsjjdek@aol.com735 Sea WatchProblemJim & Barb DeKruyter616-399-8034

our building need chimney rain and animal caps. I think it is the only building that does not have them

no date setStainless Steel chimney caps were installed when the chimneys were "rebuilt" approximately 10 years ago. However, the current cap was not strong enough to endure the "spyglass winds." Therefore each cap will be taken down in "phases," brackets added and reinstalled. Building 2, 3A and 3B are completed and we are moving "up the hill." By the end of 2016, all 67 caps should be rebuilt and installed.
2015-08-29 19:37:43Open Requestsjjdek@aol.com735 Sea WatchProblemJim & Barb DeKruyter616-399-8034

We would like our door bell repaired. Do not need intercom or door open, just a door bell

no date set
2015-08-29 14:21:44Complete Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-298-4077

Ok, I need to continue our repair request. Doing this on iPad and format not responding.

Matters of concern to be addressed over winter months:

1. Please remove triangle shaped bush by our garage. Getting too big. Want to put container flowers there instead.

2. Please replace ceilingsheet rock in our water shut off closet by our front door. It was removed August, 2014 to look for our gas leak.

Thanks, Bill & Lori Hyde, 735 Spyglass Hill LN

no date setDrywall reinstalled in fall 2015. Bush pulled out spring 2016. Requests complete
2015-08-29 14:16:10Complete Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-298-4077

Dear Bill & Ron,

This is the 2nd attempt to write this. The return button is screwy.

1. Please look into the lower small bedroom Southern window,

Streak of glue?!? And discoloration also. Could be under

warranty if acted on soon. 3rdnotification.


Please go over caulking on patio in #733, as we still have signs of water penetration on our S. Patio window.

Matters of concern which can be addressed over fall/winter months:

Ron & Bill,

Just a reminder:

1. The window in our lower small bedroom, facing South.

Has discoloring and a streak of glue running down it. This window could be under warranty if looked into in time.

Preparing for winter months: (look into in off season)

1. Please look over caulking job in # 733's patio....still has a tendency to leak water down on our S. Facing patio window.

2. Please remove triangle shape bush by our garage. It is getting too big...could be transplanted maybe somewhere else.

no date set1) Have been monitoring the "south window" all winter for signs of leakage. None to be found (caulked approx. 18 months ago - flashed incorrectly - caulking is the most simple and economically fix.) Glass pane replaced the week of April 2, 2016.)
2015-08-25 13:08:57Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass HillProblemJohn and Jodi DeMott616-796-0337

Our chimney is showing damage and should be inspected soon.

no date setThe chimney was inspected a little after the request was submitted. A lot of brick spalling was noticed on all sides of the chimney. Mentioned in the next Board Meeting that chimney brick should be replaced from roof line up within the next 3-5 years. Budget accordingly.
2015-08-25 10:50:08Complete Requestsnickfloamante77@gmail.com764 Spyglass HillProblemNick & Flo Amante616-399-3454

Ron, please paint a yellow strip or put a yellow strip of tape on the step leading out of our condo to prevent falls.

Thank you.

09/15/2015A "safety" yellow strip was painted across the front of the new exposed aggregate concrete walkway.
2015-08-23 19:03:09Complete RequestsDJPaton@mac.com710 Spyglass HillProblemDon & Diane Paton616-786-3119


Will you "please"" check and clean our gutters, there was water still draining 3hr'safter the rain stopped, also there is a ""plant growing"" from the down spout.

Thank You Don Paton

no date setGutter and downspout was cleaned out shortly after the request was completed. "Many" small Locus tree leaves were present. By eliminating the adjacent trees, the problem should not reoccur in the future.
2015-08-17 14:22:39Open Requestssally@spyglasshill.com719 Spyglass HillProblemSally Carr616-738-8374

Add our railing to the ones showing a lot of rust. I'm not sure when we're scheduled for painting but at the Annual Meeting itsounded like you might be compiling a list of rusty railings. Thanks.

no date set
2015-08-14 21:42:59Complete Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass HillProblemJohn and Jodi DeMott616-796-0337

1) east-facing windows won't latch without manually pulling them close enough for the latch to engage.

2) mailbox damaged

3) driveway light out

no date set1) East windows repaired in March 2016. 2) Mailbox repaired in Fall 2015 3) Driveway - replaced with longer lasting, more efficient LED.
2015-08-14 13:00:54Complete Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-298-4077

The south side window in our lower level bedroom was replaced in the last few years. It has become discolored and has a "glob"" of something between the window pains. Since this window may have some warranty coverage it should be reviewed soon.

Second request.

no date setRefer to the notes in a previous work order.
2015-08-14 12:54:15Open Requestsloreasahyde@att.net735 Spyglass HillProblemBill & Lori Hyde616-298-4077

Our doorbell, buzzer and intercom have been repaired

no date set
2015-08-06 11:24:30Open Requeststpafamily@aol.com711 Sea WatchProblemTricia Paarlberg7084769355

My mailbox needs to be replaced, as the door is broken off.

All my windows that open need to be replaced. They are all streaked with condensation. 2 windows, and perhaps a third in the sitting area, and the opening window in the master bedroom.

Also, please note my phone number has changed. It is now 708-476-9355. And my home address is 15942 Parkside Ave. South Holland, IL 60473


Tricia Paarlberg

​711 Sea Watch

no date set
2015-08-03 12:18:10Open Requestssjgfox@aol.com766 Spyglass HillProblemStephen Girod616-335-5122

Dear Ron and Board members:

Last night's wind and rain caused all 3 of our front windows to leak. The water ran down our newly painted walls and onto our new carpet. Ina recent board meeting's minutes, it was stated that this problem of leakage in our condo was being "monitored"". Well, we have spent thousands renovating our condo and want the monitored changed to a prioritized item so repair can be done within a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you,

Steve and Dave

no date set
2015-08-03 09:49:13Open Requestslrcain@safaricircuits.com789 Sea WatchProblemLarry & Ginny Cain616-399-9466

Last night (8-2-15) it was raining in our bedroom. Rain was coming in from both the windows facing north and west. The greatest amount of water was falling from above the slider facing north, but it didn't appear to be weeping in from or around the slider. It must have been coming from the unit above in some manner.

Also, there must be a bad sprinkler head that is supposed to cover the plantings to the north of our driveway. Most of the shasta daisys are totally wilted as well as other plants.

Finally, we still hope there can be something done to improve the look of the new sidewalk and driveway. Both look very chalky; frankly the old sidewalk looked much bette, and the driveway is still discolored due to the work done on the sidewalk.

Thank you for your attention to these matters; I'm sure you are extremely busy these days.

Larry Cain

no date set
2015-07-23 11:45:22Open Requeststpafamily@aol.com711 Sea WatchProblemTricia Paarlberg7084769355

Ron, Bill,

I'm requesting a new mailbox, my current one is broken.

I'm also requesting 2 new windows. The windows in my sitting area facing west have broken seals. There is condensation between the glass. They arethe 2 windows that open.


Tricia Paarlberg

no date set
7/21/16Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hillrusty deck railingsJohn DeMott6167960337several rusty spots/areas noted on deck railings; submitting this request as advised in recent Board date setThe building is scheduled to be totally repainted in spring of 2017. During that period, where rails are rusty, they will be primed and painted.
7/24/16Open Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass Hillrailing is peelingHelen Fredricks616-298-8038My railing on the upper deck is peeling and could use a coat of paint - would you please put me on the list? Thanks!10/22/2016A couple small spots were painted otherwise most of the deck was wiped down with a wet microfiber cloth. Looks much better!
7/31/16Open Requestsfredrickshelen@gmail.com712 Spyglass Hillarea above slider on main level outsideHelen Fredricks616-298-8038The area above my slider on the main level outside is cracking and peeling. Definitely needs repair :)10/22/2016The area was scrapped and painted the same day a "touch-up" of the rail was completed. The rails were "cleaned-up" using a wet microfiber cloth.
8/5/16Complete Requestslrcain@safaricircuits.com789 Sea WatchGarage TrimLarry & Ginny Cain269 370-6928Snow plow damaged trim around garage door. Also peeling paint on small ext wall between garage 5&6 (garages on N side of Sea Watch Rd)10/22/2016The area was caulked using white caulk last month. Looks much better! The goal is to replace the wood garage door jambs and door seals with maintenance free Azek trim prior to the next schedule painting of the building.
5/17/16Complete Requestsdmail@shorethingglobal.com743 Sea Watchongoing deck issues, deck railing needs paint, trim around deck sliders was never painted following last work doneDave Janssen283-4332I can look at these items with Ron at anytime. This is just a reminder of a few things that need some attention.10/22/2016Completed by Britney earlier this summer.
8/8/16Open RequestsDJPaton@mac.com710 Spyglass HillNeed Utility Lattice cover repairedDon & Diane Paton6167863119The winter broke our utility cover near front door. I have bungeed it togather but it needs to be date setThe goal is to "improve" the structure of the existing gas meter covers. There are 8 meter covers located across the top tier of buildings. The goal is to have completed prior to the collection of snow.
8/8/16Open Requestsjddemottmd@gmail.com745 Spyglass Hilldeck outlet needs replacingJohn DeMott6167960337Deck outlet will no longer accept plug prongs. internal corrosion? I bought a similar replacement AND one with a cover,but then remembered that it is an association expense, if I remember Ron correctly. Can use on of these I have on hand and reimburse me if you like. date setA electrical plug that operates the canopy is "constantly" exposing the plug to the elements. A "weather-proof" cover purchased by the resident was installed. However, one side of the "child resistant" outlet is unable to receive a plug. Association to purchase and install a new GFI plug by Spring 2017.
7/17/16Open RequestsLiscampbell7@gmail.com739 Spyglass HillRailing on balcony is looseLis Campbell616-560-1115The railing on the balcony by my bedroom is loose again. I feel it is unsafe ..especially with small children leaning on it. Can you please see if you can fix it. Thanks Lis campbell no date setRail was observed and is loose, but is very safe. Longer Tapcon screws will need to installed.